Testosterone: How to naturally increase its level?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
Validated by: Cathy Maillot (Osteopath)

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Testosterone: How to naturally increase its level?
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In humans, testosterone is one of the hormones of particular importance.

Present in men and women, it is involved in the functioning of the human organism.

In terms of sexuality, testosterone plays an essential role in the development of spermatogenesis.

This hormone is also involved in the maturation of sperm.

According to several studies, for human well-being, an adequate testosterone level is required.

This amount should be between 6000 and 9000 pg / ml.

It is then up to boost the production of the hormone when it is not secreted in sufficient quantity.

To do this, read this article to discover natural tips.

The importance of the hormone testosterone

Coming from the category of androgenic hormones, testosterone is a sex hormone, produced in men by the adrenal gland, and the testes.

It is this hormone that is at the origin of the appearance and development of male characters.

In women, this hormone comes from the ovaries.

Whether in men or women, testosterone is a hormone with very specific virtues.

It promotes the appearance and development of hairiness.

Likewise, the appearance of pubic hair, the development of the genitals, and the shaping of the voice from the age of adolescence are unique attributes of testosterone.

However, the functions of the hormone testosterone are not limited to these cases.

On the other hand, an anabolic function is attributed to testosterone.

The production of proteins is very important for the organism and its growth.

It is a sine qua non for the development of human bones.

Strength training greatly depends on it.

The production of these nutrients is caused in the body by testosterone.

In a nutshell, it is a hormone that plays a big role in human physical condition.

In the same vein, testosterone has the property of shortening the recovery time after carrying out a physical or sporting activity which required considerable energy expenditure.

Apart from these utilities for the body, testosterone also has a psychological function.

Indeed, it is thanks to this hormone that stress does not carry us away in its waves.

It considerably reduces the stress rate and allows the body and the brain to relax harmoniously.

Likewise, it plays on our mood.

Thus, a person with a low testosterone level, will be more prone to mood swings and irritations all day long.

Testosterone is also the libido hormone.

It is the libido that makes it possible to have sexual desire and pleasure.

It is therefore important for men and women to have a good level of testosterone.

It is a pledge of sexual development and harmony in the couple.

Natural tips to increase your testosterone level

There are several techniques, tips and organic methods to naturally boost testosterone levels.

Discover a few here!

Sleep well

One of the effective natural methods is undoubtedly sleep.

A long and peaceful sleep is an efficient factor allowing the multiplication of the amount of testosterone in the body.

It is therefore important to pay special attention to your sleeping hours.

This allows the body to regenerate itself and thus, to produce other hormones.

It is therefore recommended to allow yourself an average of 7 hours of sleep per night.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Too much stress doesn’t do testosterone good.

Indeed, the excess of cortisol due to stress, inhibits the functions of the androgen hormone.

Stress has a negative effect on testosterone levels.

We must therefore avoid being anxious all the time.

Try to be in a good mood as much as possible.

Relax and don’t deny yourself walks and trips to the beach.

The less anxious and stressed you are, the more testosterone the body will produce.

Reduce alcohol consumption

The other fairly simple, but effective gesture to boost testosterone levels is to lower the alcohol level.

If you have made a habit of drinking excessively, you will need to stop.

Alcohol inhibits and destroys a lot of cells in the body which is bad for our hormones.

Controlling your alcohol consumption may allow you to increase your testosterone level in terms of rate.

Every now and then, fasting is a good idea, at least, to boost your testosterone levels.

When we fast, our body begins to secrete a hormone called leptin which helps increase testosterone levels.

Adopt a good diet

Our diet is a natural remedy for increasing testosterone.

Thus, adopting healthy eating behaviors is a credible pledge.

You will need to prioritize the consumption of healthy lipids, especially omega-3s.

It is a type of lipid that is very useful for the proper functioning of the body.

Omega-3 is an essential nutrient that naturally boosts the production of our hormones, testosterone for example.

It is present in many foods such as avocado, hazelnuts, eggs, nuts, salmon, coza oil, oily fish …

Speaking of diet, you should also think about turning your back on caffeine.

Contrary to popular belief, excessive coffee consumption exposes us to stress.

This considerably alters the amount of testosterone in our body.

It is therefore necessary to reduce, failing to stop the consumption of coffee.

Say “Yes” to the sun and to sport

Some time in the sun is also a great way to increase your testosterone levels.

The sun is a gift from nature.

It is very rich in vitamin D.

To improve your testosterone levels, you will need to think about going to the beach a little more often.

Sunbathing for a few minutes is very favorable to the rise of the hormone of testosterone.

This tends to relax and take the stress away.

What could be better for your body!

Likewise, the regular practice of high intensity sport is a guarantee of the increase in our testosterone.

You will need to think about establishing a routine.

Running for about 1 hour or playing athletics, combat sports, boxing, or weight training is important for boosting your testosterone levels.

Consume a lot of zinc

The mineral zinc is a favorable element for the increase of the testosterone level.

Prioritize foods high in zinc like oysters, grilled wheat germ, calf’s liver, braised cuts of beef, dried shiitake, roasted squash seeds, crab and lobster.

There you have it, you now know what to do to naturally boost your testosterone levels.

All you have to do is take action.

The good news for you is that the methods have no side effects.

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