How to overcome your fear of boat cruises?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
Validated by: Cathy Maillot (Osteopath)

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How to overcome your fear of boat cruises?
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If you notice that you are scared in a boat or that you have chronic seasickness, know that you are not alone in this situation.

Indeed, a good number of people panic when they get on a boat.

Just as some may be afraid in an airplane, the boat causes a phobia which is unfortunately difficult to live with.

If you want to successfully overcome the fear of cruising by boat, here are some tips!

Do acupuncture sessions

This will not only help you limit stress, but also manage a number of phobias.

Acupuncture is a discipline of Chinese medicine.

It is essentially based on positive energy and negative energy (yin and yang).

It also takes into account the existence of skin areas which are privileged.

This will allow you to relax and eliminate many fears, including that of the boat.

However, it must be fully operational.

This is why it must be done over several sessions before boarding the boat.

The different needles that will be implanted can soothe you and give you the opportunity to make your trip peacefully.

Getting to know the crew

It may happen that your stress is intense when you get on the boat.

In this case, tell the cabin crew that you have a phobia of boat cruises.

They will be able to give you advice such as breathing exercises to practice to reduce stress, for example.

In addition, do not hesitate to inform yourself about the crew and the mission they have to fulfill.

Also learn about the safety system available on board and how the ship works.

As you will have understood, do not hesitate to ask all the questions that will be useful to you to relieve your stress.

Facing your fear

There is no point in running away from your fear.

It won’t help you deal with your stress or overcome any difficulties you have on the boat.

If you have experienced an unfortunate event in connection with a boat, take the trouble to confront it, by making regular trips.

However, you have to start small.

You can, for example, take a trip with a small sailboat and then take a barge or ferry.

This will help you to better anticipate cruises.

Talk about it

It can be a good solution to help you deal with your fear.

Talking about it will not only give you confidence in yourself, but also keep you from being under stress.

Keep in mind, therefore, that no apprehension can be ridiculous and that your loved ones will be able to help you as best they can.

You will be able to identify the triggers of your phobia and undertake exercises on these negative thoughts.

Which will unlock the conception of your mind in the face of this situation.

Eat well

When it comes to a phobia of boat cruises, seasickness is often associated.

This can cause a stressful situation and risk of retching.

It may seem trivial to you, but you need to eat well before boarding a boat.

Many people think that it is better to have an empty stomach to avoid seasickness, and thus the phobia of boats.

Such is not the case.

So remember to eat or take something to eat during the crossing.

In turn, you will be able to limit stress completely.

Hydrate properly

Eating is effective in reducing fear of cruises.

But if you want to overcome it optimally, you also need to make sure you hydrate properly.

Thirst can also lead to seasickness, which will increase your phobia.

However, there are certain drinks that are best avoided.

This is the case with alcohol which will be likely to increase your discomfort.

It is generally advisable to prefer water and fruit juices.

Sleep well

When you are tired or haven’t slept well, the fear of boat cruises can also get worse.

Going to bed early will therefore allow you to prevent stress in the face of the situation.

Which will bring you to overcome boat cruises effectively.

You should not hesitate to get a little sleep, even when traveling.

You will feel much better afterwards.

Don’t be alone

If you know that you have a phobia of boat cruises, it would be best not to take the boat alone.

Clearly, you must bring a loved one with you.

You will be reassured, which will avoid stress and help you to overcome your fear little by little.

Lean towards hypnosis

Hypnosis is also a means that can be effective.

In this context, the therapist will put you in a situation where you will be faced with stress.

Of course, you will reach a neutral state of consciousness, which will give you the opportunity to identify the triggers of your fear.

This will cause your reptilian brain to exercise.

This will lead to a limitation of emotional blockages.

Do yoga

Yoga is also a discipline that will help you deal with your fear of boat cruises as well as possible.

However, it will also help you manage your stress.

For this you need to indulge in self-therapy, which is based primarily on the yoga of tremor.

The different postures you will perform will be simple, also allowing you to overcome your phobia of boats.

Yoga being a discipline that will allow you to relax at best, it will be necessary to make sure to perform regular sessions.

These can last between 20 and 30 minutes per day.

Of course, also adopt the best positions that will allow you to relax your body and limit stress before you embark.

You will thus be able to have all the chances on your side to avoid the fear of cruises.

All in all, there are a number of ways you can overcome your phobia of boat cruises.

The most advisable is to be accompanied or to contact a therapist.

These methods are also aimed at reducing seasickness and stress.

However, you should go for the ones that suit you the best.

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