How can you cure your fear of going to the toilet in public places?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
Validated by: Cathy Maillot (Osteopath)

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How can you cure your fear of going to the toilet in public places?
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Man’s physiological needs are an integral part of his life.

He can therefore, at any time and under all circumstances, have a strong or slight desire to relieve himself.

This quite normal need, however, is a source of anxiety for some people who are very apprehensive about the idea of ​​relieving themselves in public places.

This fear which can easily turn into a phobia is a source of discomfort and everyone wonders how to get out of it.

This article will discuss how to explain the fear of going to the toilet in public and how to get rid of it.

What is the explanation for the fear of going to the bathroom in public?

Going to the bathroom is a physiological urge that a person feels because of the need to get rid of residues from the functioning of their metabolism.

However, the urge to relieve yourself is totally unpredictable, and it is not uncommon to feel a more or less pressing call at any time of the day.

The concern comes in directly, as it is quite inconvenient to relieve yourself outside the comfort, privacy and security of your home.

The unease intensified especially as the place was attended by public.

Thus, the apprehension felt by a person who feels obliged to use the toilets at his workplace will be markedly reduced compared to that felt by this same person when he finds himself in the street or at the train station.

The first reason for the apprehension is the fact that relieving oneself is a real taboo.

Indeed, since childhood, the approach which is made of urine and stools is deeply negative and degrading.

In fact, as a person grows up, they have a poor image of their needs and the thought of relieving themselves in a public place is particularly stressful.

She always feels at fault and is afraid to embarrass others by making herself comfortable.

Second, fear of going to the toilet in public places can arise as a result of trauma experienced during childhood or adolescence.

Tasteful teasing in school and sometimes even at home, and the lack of adequate infrastructure in places previously visited are reasons that may justify this fear.

The last reason for fear of going to the toilet in the premises is the fear of contracting any form of infection from poor hygiene.

Indeed, the observation is that public toilets are often poorly maintained.

Between the smells and the constant dirt, these places constantly repel people and it is not uncommon to see some develop fear.

The fear of going to the toilet in public places is very disabling.

Indeed, not only does it force the person to contain their needs, but it can also develop into phobias and generate anxiety and stress.

It is important to find ways to free yourself from this fear in order to be able to live normally.

How to get rid of the fear of going to the toilet in public places?

It is very difficult for a person to experience anxiety about using the toilet in public places.

Indeed, people suffering from this fear are terrified of having a pressing urge in a place other than their home.

They therefore begin to focus on their fear, without knowing that this promotes their desire to relieve themselves.

A vicious circle whose consequences can block even their social life, because fear would prevent them from going out at the risk of not being able to relieve themselves.

This can develop phobias such as apopathophobia, laxophobia, and adornment.

It should also be noted that holding back your needs can lead to health complications.

Given the harmful nature of the fear of going to the toilet in public places, it is crucial to get rid of it.

However, this requires psychological work that is sometimes trying and it is advisable to call in a professional.

Become aware of your fear and consult a specialist

The first thing to do to get rid of your fear of going to the toilet in public places is to become aware of it.

Indeed, it happens that some consider the apprehension felt about public toilets as normal.

While in practice it is advisable to take hygiene precautions, it is absolutely wrong to view relieving one’s physical needs in a public bathroom as a problem or a crime.

It is therefore important to realize that the fear you feel is harmful and can come from a past trauma.

It is therefore advisable to get help from a specialist and especially to talk about your fear and what you feel about it.

The process can be quite trying, because it will be a question of questioning established facts and past events.

However, it will allow you to separate yourself from fear.

Carry out work on yourself

Another method to let go of fear is to work deeply on yourself and on your way of dealing with stress.

The first part of the job will be to understand that even outside the home it is normal to want to use the bathroom.

First, you have to convince yourself that no one is paying attention to you when you are in the bathroom.

So there is no evil or dismissive look on you.

You should also know that some public toilets are soundproofed.

All of these safety measures are there to reassure you and help you get over your fear.

Likewise, it is important to realize that going to public toilets is not the direct cause of illness and infection.

While it is true that the hygienic conditions are poor, you should know that with antiseptic solutions you can perfectly prevent health problems.

You can also use methods such as hypnosis, meditation, and projection to overcome fear.

They will allow you to overcome the trauma you have experienced and to gradually get used to going to the public toilets.

These methods are quite trying at first, but they will help you overcome your fear.

In conclusion, we can say that the fear of going to the toilet in public places is a very disabling feeling.

Because of its impact on health and social life, it is important to free yourself from it and this essentially involves working on yourself.

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