Unconscious stress: how to cleanse your subconscious?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
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Unconscious stress: how to cleanse your subconscious?
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There are certain situations in life that people find it difficult to explain.

This is usually the case when these fall within the realm of consciousness or the subconscious.

This is the subject of quite a mystery.

If the consciousness approaches processing with only one action at a time, the subconscious will tend to consider several actions simultaneously.

Sometimes, and in most cases, this state of affairs gives rise to stress.

To resolve it, a cleansing of the subconscious is required.

While there is no definite way to have full control over this dimension of your mind, you can still act on it through cleansing.

We show you how to do it.

Meditation: the ideal solution to effectively cleanse your subconscious

For effective cleansing of the subconscious mind, meditation is a technique that has amply proven its effectiveness.

It works to give you the power of concentration, which is useful for mastering your subconscious.

However, to be effective and reduce your stress level, it must be prepared beforehand.

To avoid improvisations, you can start by setting a certain duration for your sessions.

Usually five minutes is sufficient to start an exercise.

And to be more certain, you can use a stopwatch.

Clothing is also an important detail in the success of your meditation.

The clothes you wear should make you feel comfortable enough.

There are no other requirements in this matter than your comfort.

The place of meditation should also be chosen with care.

It should be away from any noise in order to allow you to better focus on your goals.

People usually choose the terrace of their accommodation or the parquet.

If you make all of these arrangements, then you will be in the conditions required to meditate well.

For more effect, it is recommended to follow a given pattern.

Begin the exercise with a stretch.

This will allow you to relax your muscles.

Then release the tension throughout your body and touch your toes.

These exercises should prepare you for cleaning your subconscious.

Subconscious cleansing meditation protocol

The subconscious cleansing meditation is ideally done while sitting.

To do this, the seat you use must be stable and have a backrest.

While sitting on it, your feet should be firmly on the ground.

To accentuate this position, you can also make a cross with your legs.

Your limbs should be placed on a pillow placed at the place of meditation.

Then raise your back so that your spine has a perfectly normal curvature.

Likewise, your forearms should be placed parallel to your sides and your elbows, slightly bent.

The position of the hands is naturally on the knees.

Your chin should be lowered lightly to allow your gaze to rest on the floor.

This is the ideal position, and you need to make an effort to keep it intact throughout the exercise.

The actual exercise begins with the breath.

Focus on it and do it the natural way.

Try to perceive the thoughts that come into your mind and let it wander while you relax.

As a result, you will be able to get these thoughts, and therefore stress, from your subconscious to your consciousness.

The first state will thus be cleaned.

What needs to be done next is to take note of these ideas, to accept them without judgment.

Throughout the meditation, your attention should remain focused on your breathing.

Some good habits to favor for a cleansing of the subconscious

If you make an effort to remain constructive in your daily life, your subconscious will be quickly cleaned of its stress.

Always stay positive

You need to start by making a habit of being positive in your words.

If possible, replace negative words you might say with affirmations.

Obviously, this irrefutably involves a change of language which will gradually lead you to a change of state of mind.

To help you succeed in this exercise, you can already identify the factors that push you to negativity.

Determine your reasons for claiming your inability to do this or that other.

By knowing them, you will be able to better master them.

Of course, change will not happen spontaneously, but with persistence and courage, you will succeed.

Learn to give a constructive monologue

Still regarding the habits to have, you can for example, create an optimistic incantation specific to you.

It will be a simple sentence or part of a sentence that can motivate you when stress tries to set in.

You can then use this incantation as a remedy for thoughts that might demoralize you.

When used consistently, it frees the subconscious mind from its thoughts and stress.

To recite the incantation, ideally place your hand on a part of your body that you have chosen.

It can be the abdomen or the heart.

It will then be the seat of positivity for your body.

Concentration and self-confidence are indicated to allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of this exercise.

Practice the technique of visualization

If you have difficulty with these exercises, or if they have not paid off well, you can resort to visualization.

It is a technique that encourages you to do a mental and regular rehearsal of your goals.

This will allow you to reach them faster, thus freeing you from fear.

For a start, you can start by viewing a photograph or a familiar object.

To do this, take an interest in every detail of the object: color, texture, posture, etc.

Otherwise, you can also think of your memories or scenes from films.

For this type of visualization, smells and flavors should also be taken into account.

However, you need to plan your goals very precisely.

The goals to be achieved and all the details that go with them should guide your visualization.

If you have an event planned, the location, time and circumstances of it should guide you.

Is it possible to manage to free your subconscious from unconscious stress?

The answer is unambiguous, yes!

However, you can’t do this without putting pressure on yourself.

Daily meditation and taking into account good habits can be of great help to you in achieving this ideal.

Get started now!

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