Increase your intelligence: how to be smarter?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
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Increase your intelligence: how to be smarter?
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Feeling less intelligent can sometimes be stressful and irritable.

Although the Intellectual Quotient (IQ) varies from person to person, there is much room for improvement in their intellectual capacities.

To do this, it is enough to cultivate certain good practices.

So, do you want to know how to be smarter?

Check out this article for tips that can help you.

Encourage your curiosity

To become smarter, you have to be more curious.

To do this, get in the habit of questioning how things work.

Arousing your curiosity is not simply asking the question “Why”, you will of course receive the common answer “Because it is so”.

Rather, it is about seeking to know more, about obtaining other knowledge.

So try to have a much more impressive background in general culture.

Try to feed your brain with knowledge and interesting information for your well-being and to make it better.

Remember that he must be able to use his neural connections and develop to be more efficient and productive.

Read a lot

As for reading, it also remains one of the pillars on which you must base yourself.

Not only will it increase your vocabulary, but it will also help you develop your imagination.

Indeed, reading increases your linguistic, intrapersonal and emotional intelligence.

To be smarter, therefore, make friends with the reading.

Know that the more you read, the better your mental library will be provided.

This knowledge acquired through reading will certainly help you learn much more and more quickly.

To do this, get in the habit of reading books or novels as well as newspapers, whatever comes in handy.

For example, you can use the Internet for this purpose.

Instead of spending your days chatting, read a story or article on a topic that is new to you.

Take free online courses

Online courses can also help you increase your intelligence.

Today, there is a whole host of such free courses available to you on the Internet.

So you can take these courses on a specific topic.

Many sites offer free courses which are additionally presented with documents and sometimes course videos.

All you have to do is search the Internet for these free courses to find an interesting topic and gain new knowledge.

You might not know it, but be aware that some of these courses are sometimes considered in the points calculation for a degree at an accredited university.

In addition, you have the option of obtaining at the end of the course, certificates of course attendance or taking exams to return what you have learned.

Do things the hard way and avoid letting technology handle everything

You might be surprised, but know that doing things the hardest way can help.

When you do a routine activity, but in a different way, you force your brain to set up different neural channels to achieve the same result.

By doing this, you maintain your brain, prevent its oxidation and promote the creation of new neural connections.

Likewise, avoid excessively substituting your own intelligence for secondary or artificial intelligence.

With technology, life seems to be easier, but it doesn’t have to take the place of your own intelligence.

To be smarter, you must avoid leaving your intellectual activity in the hands of technology.

GPS, search engines, translators, calculators can be used, but not to the point of making you intellectually lazy.

Watch instructional videos

Instead of watching TV, focus on instructional videos.

You will get the most out of watching videos about a topic you are passionate about.

For example, opt for TED videos which are offered on various themes.

It is indeed a non-profit association that works for the dissemination of knowledge and ideas.

On this platform, conferences are organized calling on experts who make presentations on various subjects.

For constant access to these videos, go to and enjoy the plethora of videos that can educate you.

Each of the presentations lasts between ten and fifteen minutes.

Play smart games

There are also some educational games that can help you increase your intelligence.

For example, you can do crossword puzzles to improve your memory.

These games will indeed stimulate your word memory and strengthen your verbal skills.

You can find them in newspapers or on the Internet by downloading a crossword app.

You can also play scrabble to optimize your vocabulary, chess to challenge yourself or Rubik’s cube to optimize your concentration.

In addition, these games will reduce your stress and ensure a good mood.

Download a brain training app

In addition to the educational games, there are also several brain training apps that you can download.

These offer games and challenges to improve your problem-solving skills, your cognitive functioning and your memory.

These apps will help you exercise your mind and keep it active.

They will improve your brain’s data processing speed.

Surround yourself with smart people

Surrounding yourself with smart people will help you become smarter as well.

By discussing for example with such people, you will be compelled to think and reason more intelligently with mental effort.

In addition, it will allow you to learn new things every day.

It is therefore best to stay away from unintelligent people, as you risk oxidizing your brain.

Eat healthy and exercise

Eating a healthy diet and playing sports will also help.

To do this, avoid too rich meals that can make you soggy, as well as alcohol.

Use as much energy as possible while exercising, because the more blood circulates in your brain, the better it will perform.

You can also go for yoga to maintain your brain and your mind.

By practicing it regularly, you optimize your reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Yoga is also a great way to get rid of anxiety, stress, nervousness, and negative tension.

In short, feeling less intelligent shouldn’t be considered inevitable.

There are various methods with which you can increase your intelligence.

So try to combine those offered to you to become smarter.

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