Procrastination: how to get out of it?

Written by: Loris Vitry (coach and Yoga teacher)
Validated by: Cathy Maillot (Osteopath)

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Procrastination: how to get out of it?
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“Today, I’m not very sure I do it.”

“I really can’t do it right now.”

“Maybe tomorrow, I can do it.”

“Anyway, I still have time so that I will do it later.”

These are some words from procrastinators.

They postpone almost everything; they delay it for not doing it and often accomplish it poorly afterward.

If you are one of those who like to procrastinate, it’s time to stop and change the way it works.

This article tells you how to stop procrastination and become a person of action.

Set goals for yourself!

You just got out of bed, and you are already thinking of the enormous amount of work tasks to achieve today.

Tell yourself you will do it, but now it’s not the time.

It is time that you move away from your thoughts and counterproductive ideas because that does not benefit you.

You have to evolve to feel more comfortable every morning despite the work to do on that day.

And keeping work or obligations on hold means getting yourself a lot more sources of stress.

So, if you want to change this habit to always given up on a mission that you must achieve, set yourself goals!

Take a notebook in which you will write down your goals and achievements.

Take the time to think carefully and make an effort to write down simple, immediate, and achievable goals.

They should match your lifestyle.

In this notebook, write, for example, that you want to run, and make a list of the steps to follow to achieve this desire.

In 1, you can put, for example, wear my sports outfits.

In 2, put on my sports shoes.

In 3, identify the place where I intend to run.

In 4, define the type of sport I want to practice.

And in 5, the duration that my sport will take.

Do not forget to mention the exact date you plan to exercise.

Be realistic, simple, and just focus on these parameters to achieve a result.

Whoever wants will always find the means to get there by following this method.

Also, being positive every day will help to achieve the goals that you set for yourself, and with little focus and effort, you will make it.

Use your time wisely!

It is necessary to use your time well so as not to have regrets later.

That said, make a precise schedule.

In a timetable, mention the different tasks that you have to perform, the day of their completion, and their duration.

Be specific to move forward better when carrying out these tasks and make an effort to stick to all of the tasks on your calendar.

Sometimes there may be unexpected things that could shake your schedule, but stay focus and keep in mind what you have to do.

The goal here is to stay focus and know-how to manage your time well.

Know what to do on a given day and when to do it.

Avoid getting discouraged, and keep in mind that it is not possible to stop time.

When you finish a task, appreciate the achievement and tell yourself that you can do another one the same way.

Trust yourself and move forward according to the magic sentence that says: what can be done tomorrow, can also be done today.

Don’t be lazy, become a dedicated person.

Don’t waste too much time on an activity you can do in the blink of an eye.

Always stay on time and do impeccable work.

When you finish a job quickly, use your time to do something else positive.

Finally, avoid creating false emergencies that prevent you from reaching your goals.

If you follow all of these tips, you are sure to get out of procrastination.

Develop your skills

Underestimating yourself is blocking you from achieving your goals.

And this is what pushes you to procrastinate sometimes.

Make a list of your abilities to carry out each different project to help you to overcome your fears and keep your head up high.

Repeat this sentence every day: I can do it, and I must do it, no matter what happens.

Also, avoid being overwhelmed by stress.

And do not cultivate the spirit of a loser by continuously underestimating your abilities.

It is true that for some people, it may sound like selfishness, but it is not.

You instead develop your skills and learn to discover yourself better.

If you wake up and you say to yourself: today, I have to clean my house and analyze my capacities to complete this task, be sure from the bottom of your heart that you will be able to do it.

Besides, when you complete your tasks, you feel good, and this encourages you to continue on the same path.

However, while it is worth taking on the challenges, be aware that you should not get into challenges that do not match your abilities.

Choose your challenges realistically and avoid setting the bar too high too quickly.

Also, try to adapt the missions you have to accomplish to your abilities, resources, and values.

Avoid temptations

With new technologies, many people can no longer effectively engage in their daily activities because they are mostly attracted to social networks, and this pushes them to procrastinate.

So, if this happens to you, know how to find the happy medium to get out of it.

To do this, be proactive and know how to differentiate between what is a priority and what is not.

Otherwise, stay away from the internet when you have goals to achieve.

It is true that it seems complicated to get there but tell yourself that what you have to accomplish is more important than the cell phone and move on.

Also, make an effort to get away from the television when you have work to do.

Staying away from time-consuming people (those who make you waste time) also seems the right solution to get out of procrastination.

Experiment with these tips, and you will discover your ability to succeed in whatever you do!


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