Obesity: how to lose weight quickly?

Written by: Loris Vitry (coach and Yoga teacher)
Validated by: Cathy Maillot (Osteopath)

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Obesity: how to lose weight quickly?
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A life full of bad habits or excess consumption of too fatty and sweet foods can lead to obesity.

The over-accumulation of fat can be very harmful to health, and it’s vital to consider burning some fat waist if you are overweight.

At a time when we advocate self-acceptance, to love yourself is to want to lose weight when you are obese.

This article suggests methods of rapid weight loss in obesity.

Develop a new consciousness

The awareness you need to get results quickly can be summarized in three points:

  • becoming aware of your obesity and clarifying your motivations,
  • surrounding yourself with good people,
  • and setting achievable goals.

Become aware of your obesity and clarifying your motivations

There is nothing better than an excellent motivation to guide your actions.

The urge to lose weight must come from an awareness of one’s obesity.

Several reasons can cause the will to lose weight.

It can be vital like shortness of breath at the slightest effort, aesthetic like a desire to have a more attractive silhouette, or linked to the realization of a project that requires to be in shape like traveling.

It is crucial to find this motivation and write it down.

Surround yourself with good people

In the delicate moments of our lives, we need good people, people who advise us, and support us in the initiatives we take.

If we are trying to lose weight, we will certainly need people who encourage us.

People who can, for example, prevent us from consuming certain foods or even accompany us in physical activities.

Surrounding yourself with good people also means cutting ties with people who could lower our motivation and lead us into a depressive mood that will be detrimental to our goals.

Have achievable goals

Your determination must be strong, but at the same time, you should set reasonable and achievable goals.

Goals can include intensity and duration of physical activity, length of fasting time, or total alcohol deprivation.

You should know that each metabolism reacts differently to change.

Therefore, avoid comparing yourself to others.

Change your diet

Food is sometimes our daily passion.

Having to modify it to lose weight is not easy.

However, you have to study it and know what to eat to lose weight, like knowing the characteristics of food, how to change your eating habits, taking the time to cook for yourself, and incorporating fruits and vegetables in your meals.

Know the characteristics of food

The human body needs several types of food.

It is, therefore vital to know the properties of each food we eat.

Being aware of your obesity and having the will to lose weight must lead us to the study of the foods we must eat to reach our goal.

Nibbling must be eliminated, and we should consume “fat-burning” foods.

Change your eating habits

Bad eating habits lead you to your obesity, and understanding what you eat every day can harm your health is essential.

You should, therefore, list all the foods that make up your meals and eliminate those that provide too much fat.

You should also consider decreasing your volume of food consumption.

Cooking for yourself

You should avoid fatty dishes cooked outside, even if they are said to be healthy.

You will have to cook for yourself by designing low-calorie and straightforward recipes.

Seek to add long intervals between your meals.

Consume more fruits and vegetables

Even if you are one of those who have no passion for fruits and vegetables, you are going to have to eat them.

Note that it is advisable to consume a minimum of 5 fruits and vegetables per day.

You can, for example, supplement your different meals of the day with fruit.

If you want to snack, take a fruit instead.

Play sports and seek the advice of a professional

Sport is essential to losing weight quickly.

We can also seek the services of a professional for this purpose.

How to use sport to lose weight quickly?

Physical activity does not require considerable financial resources or even an enormous amount of time.

Just find a way to integrate sport into your daily life like walking from home to your workplace, if it is not too far.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is usually more intensive than walking, so you should add it to your daily routine.

At the office, you can practice small exercises to work your muscles.

Straighten your back and tuck your stomach in for a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes.

Do the cleaning more often when you are at home as it is a poly-articular exercise.

If you have children, get used to playing with them.

They will be happy to exhaust you from time to time.

Finally, if you have a garden, take care of it yourself, as it requires a lot of physical effort.

You can take walks during weekends and so on.

As you progress, you can add intensity to your physical efforts.

Go to the gyms and, for example, ride an elliptical trainer.

It will allow you to work your entire body to lose weight and build muscle at the same time quickly.

Seek professional advice.

Nothing better than the doctor to know what you need.

Obesity is a health problem that stresses and sometimes affects the psychology of people who suffer from it.

The doctor can, if necessary, refer you to a nutritionist and why not to a psychologist.

You can also consult a life coach to help you stay motivated and manage change.

In sports, a sports coach can help you design exercise programs that work for you and help you set achievable goals.

In conclusion, if you successfully implement the tips presented here, you will quickly lose weight.

And remember that your success will depend on your motivation and the efforts you will be willing to provide.


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