How to stay calm when faced with everyday problems?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
Validated by: Cathy Maillot (Osteopath)

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How to stay calm when faced with everyday problems?
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To be of use to family, business and loved ones alike, it is important to stay in control at all times.

Staying zen is therefore essential for a fulfilling social and professional life.

However, the different situations and difficulties that we encounter on a daily basis do not allow this goal to be achieved.

Relationship problems, professional responsibilities or even child rearing are sources that generate a high level of stress in many people.

Like many people, do you want to know how to stay calm when faced with everyday problems?

Find all the relevant information in the rest of this article.

Getting out of bed early

Getting up early is the first step in staying calm in everyday situations.

Indeed, there are many people who are able to turn off their alarm clock more than 3 times in a row to finally get out of bed within 15 minutes of the time they need to be at work.

So in just 15 minutes, you should have breakfast, take a bath, get dressed and be on time for work.

This situation causes haste and proves to be a source of stress and anguish because you are upset.

What you need to do is get out of bed early.

To make it easier for you, it is recommended that you go to bed early.

This allows you to start your day zen, calm and gentle.

Take breaks

Do you take breaks during the day?

Otherwise, know that it is essential to stay zen in all circumstances.

Whether you are at work or at home taking care of the children, it is important to take breaks of a few minutes.

If you can’t give yourself breaks on purpose, force yourself to take a lunch break.

This will not only allow you to eat a hearty meal, but also to relax for a while.

During this short break, you can take the opportunity to read a novel or a magazine.

However, be aware that the ideal would be to take several 10-minute breaks throughout the day.

Learn to say NO

To stay calm in any situation, saying NO is a quality that you absolutely must cultivate.

Indeed, whether in a professional environment or not, you must learn not to accept to render all the services that are asked of you.

If you don’t learn how to say NO, you will be overloaded, which will be a source of stress and anguish.

It is true that if it is a professional environment, the more tasks you are given, the more your responsibilities will increase.

However, realize that you can’t do everything, you don’t have superpowers.

So saying NO when you need to allows you to focus on your chores and on going to rest if possible.

Maintain self-confidence

To face life situations while remaining zen, it is important to have a certain confidence in yourself and in your ability to face problems.

So, without overestimating your abilities, you should have a better self-image.

Seek out and showcase the internal resources you have to deal with life’s problems.

Your qualities, talents and skills are among other factors that can lead you to have more self-confidence.

To achieve this, in concrete terms, you must:

  • Further develop your talents,
  • recognize your victories and accomplishments even if they are not legendary,
  • enhance your qualities.

Self-confidence can therefore be seen as a key to staying zen.

Let off steam

Staying calm all the time is an almost impossible challenge to win.

So, it’s normal that sometimes you feel frustrated or just feel bad about yourself, now is the time to let off steam.

Try to release the negative thoughts and anger that drives you.

Indeed, when you do not let off steam from time to time, it can be the basis of pathologies as physical as psychological.

To let off steam, the activities you can do are diverse and varied.

Everyone can therefore go there according to their tastes.

For example, you can do physical activities, artistic activities or anything that lets you let go.

Avoid all exciting products

It’s true that staying zen is a state of mind, but it’s not just that.

When you consume exciting products, it puts your body on high alert and can be the source of stress.

This situation therefore does not allow you to remain zen.

So, to be able to stay zen in all circumstances, you must ban the consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, drugs and others.

Also, certain drug treatments, such as taking birth control pills, can act as stimulants because they upset hormones.

So, if you are under such treatment, you can contact your doctor to get more suitable treatment.

At the same time, you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet and then get good quality and quantity of sleep.

Redesigning your living environment

The living and working environment has a great impact on your ability to stay or not Zen throughout the day.

So you have to work on building a calm and relaxing environment at work and at home.

To begin with, get rid of all unnecessary and bulky furniture so that the frame is more airy.

Choose the color of the walls and furniture carefully.

It is recommended to use cool colors such as purple or blue.

In contrast, colors like red and black should be avoided.

Also, if your room has windows, prefer sunlight to artificial light.

Finally, you can spray some calming essential oil around the room.

Ultimately, here are some simple but effective tips that can help you stay calm when faced with everyday problems.

However, if you still cannot keep calm, it may be beneficial to see a doctor.

Indeed, the difficulties to stay zen can be linked to psychosocial disorders.

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