Unconditional love: how to live it fully?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
Validated by: Cathy Maillot (Osteopath)

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Unconditional love: how to live it fully?
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Seen from several angles, it has various characteristics and we distinguish several types, in this case unconditional love.

This is a variant of love which is devoid of any interest in the relationship maintained with the other.

You have certainly heard of unconditional love, but you haven’t really understood the concept.

This article looks at the subject and gives you the keys to experiencing unconditional love.

So read its content to find out more!

Recognize unconditional love to live it

What is unconditional love?

For some people, unconditional love reflects a lack of love and self-esteem, but also an illusion that makes people believe that the other is able to meet all of our needs.

However, who says unconditional love normally means love which expects virtually nothing in return.

Unconditional love can therefore be defined as a love which does not depend on any condition, a love which is without reserve.

It’s that keen feeling that pulls us towards someone or something, for no apparent reason.

It is this feeling which in itself does not depend on anything, and which prompts us to love, to do good, to help someone without preconditions and without reservations.

In order to be able to fully experience and enjoy unconditional love, we must already be able to recognize it first.

How then to recognize unconditional love?

To recognize unconditional love, it is important to understand what that feeling is not or is ruling out.

Indeed, unconditional love is not erotic, that is, dependent on sexual desire.

Moreover, it does not arise from a sexual need.

It is a simply loving feeling that does not depend on anyone.

So it is not family love that is found everywhere.

Unconditional love is not selfish, in other words, it does not put its needs first.

This relationship does not favor his person or his personal interest.

The feeling is not obsessive, that is, manic and suffocating.

It does not provide stress, but promotes personal and collective development.

Unconditional love does not hurt and does not imprison.

He is not corruptible, which means that nothing dulls his ardor.

Nothing changes it.

Nothing stops him.

Nothing corrupts him.

Nothing can lower it in intensity.

Unconditional love, on the other hand, is true and pure, patient and loving kind.

It is the very embodiment of selflessness.

Its characteristics are:

  • helpful
  • humble
  • conciliatory
  • enduring
  • persevering
  • invigorating because it saves stress
  • without reservation.

Unconditional love corrects, changes, causes defects to be corrected, is pure and does good.

It is love, which makes us express towards the loved one joy, peace, tenderness, delicacy, wisdom, gentleness.

This love makes us carry its burdens.

Let’s take a fairly simple example.

Everyone seems to define you as a bad person, but you meet someone who says they love you.

If in fact, this person cares for you despite your faults, your shortcomings, it is a sign that this person really loves you.

If on top of that this person invests in your personal development, then it is more than obvious that this person loves you unconditionally.

How to experience unconditional love?

To experience unconditional love, you have to start by getting to its source.

Since the source is spiritual, we need to be watered and filled with love in our spirit (the essence of our being).

So, discover here some keys to experience unconditional love.

Being able to highly esteem a loved one

Whether in a relationship or otherwise, one of the secrets of unconditional love is being able to hold someone in high esteem.

It is in this dynamic that we manage to communicate better with others, to listen better, to better take into account their needs.

Always seek to do good for your loved one

Unconditional love always seeks the good of the other, even when the loved one behaves badly or hurts us.

In other words, this feeling wants us to continue to do him good.

Which is even proof that we love him unconditionally and that his good or bad attitude does not condition our way of loving him.

Do not condemn and know how to forgive

He who loves unconditionally does not condemn.

At least when the being he loves makes a mistake, he does not push it in, but shows it delicately, and wisely.

Serve the happiness of others

Unconditional love really doesn’t take away from the fun of life.

On the contrary, it is this love that makes the pleasure of life, and that makes the beauty of a relationship.

Here, it is not a question of erasing oneself so that the other exists, but of existing together, mutually participating in the happiness of one and the other.

Unconditional love therefore does not expect others to meet their needs.

At least he does not require the other to meet his needs.

However, this reciprocal inclination establishes a perfect communication, induces a reciprocal satisfaction of the general and specific needs of one and the other.

Knowing how to give time and space to others

To love someone unconditionally also means knowing how to be delicate with them.

To do this, you have to show understanding towards the other, knowing how to give them time and space so that they lose their bad habits and make progress.


Unconditional love never dies.

For this, we must continue to feed it, leaving no disappointment or injury to alter it.

In other words, unconditional love requires a good perseverance of one and the other in the relation which is maintained.

Knowing how to protect

It sounds obvious, but it’s important to remember it.

Here it is not a question of protection in the sense of jealousy, but of protection in the sense of the common interest.

In reality, the one who loves unconditionally is ready to protect his / her beloved from anything that could harm him / her.

Likewise, he is ready to take the place of his / her beloved to avoid him / her suffering.

In conclusion, to experience unconditional love is first and foremost to express sincere and non-destructive love.

It is communicating love by being showered with love yourself.

Falsehood, therefore, is not unique to unconditional love.

So, these are the rules and principles to follow if you want to live on unconditional love.

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