Previous life: how to know and remember?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
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Previous life: how to know and remember?
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Subject of discussion, the past life is seen as a reality for many people.

Thus, there are many techniques for remembering one’s past life.

These usually involve regression through a state of hypnosis.

They allow reaching levels that are impossible to reach in an ordinary way.

The regression system is about awakening the mind.

We therefore wake up to know our inner being, our origins, our destination and our mission.

In this article, you will learn about simple techniques for recognizing and remembering your past life.

What to understand about the past life

All religions each have a specific interpretation of reincarnation.

However, it can be seen that these interpretations are based on the same principle.

This means that when your bodily envelope dies, your soul continues its life in another body.

This process is repeated until the complete purification of the soul.

So that’s to say that you don’t have one life, but lives.

Your memories are therefore kept in the depths of your subconscious mind.

However, you haven’t explored your mind enough to discover the potential of your brain.

So you only have access to a tiny part of your memory.

Apart from certain impressions that you sometimes have of these things, portions of memories can appear in many different ways.

Signs that show you have lived in a previous life

A recurring dream usually shows that you need to pay more attention to what is in the dream.

Indeed, having the same dream several nights during can give you a glimpse of your previous life.

Many people can also accurately remember certain events that have not happened in their current life.

It is therefore quite possible that these events took place in one of the previous lives.

Therefore, trying to analyze these kinds of dreams can help you find out when you experienced these kinds of things in your previous life.

On the other hand, the signs showing that you have had a previous life can be, for example, an obsession for a person who has already died.

Indeed, there may be times when you attach a great deal of importance to someone who is already dead.

Either you are interested in the life she has had or in any information relating to her person even though you have no direct connection with that person.

In addition, it can happen that you are attached to a foreign country without even having set foot there.

It may be a sign that you have lived in this country in a previous life.

Techniques for knowing and remembering past lives

There are several methods of recognizing and remembering a past life.

Here we present the technique of meditation and hypnosis.

know your previous life through meditation

Meditation is definitely a technique for remembering past lives.

For this, we must begin a time journey with meditation.

Indeed, time travel is possible thanks to meditation in particular.

This gives the possibility of remembering his past lives.

Besides, anyone can take this time travel.

In order to practice this kind of meditation, you must first find or prepare a comfortable enough place.

Then be sure to turn off the lights and keep anything away from you that may disturb your concentration.

Lie down, close your eyes and begin meditation by relaxing the body and clearing your mind of all thoughts.

Since it is impossible to know in advance what you will see, and it is very likely that you will experience things that can be overwhelming, get rid of all negativity and start meditation. with a positive spirit.

To do this, you can imagine a white light surrounding you and covering your whole body.

Now is the time to begin the journey to your subconscious.

Imagine a long hallway at the end of which there is only one door.

Imagine walking slowly towards the hallway door.

Then gently open the door to discover your past life.

However, you may have difficulty concentrating and come back to reality.

In this case, you have to imagine once again the door of the trip and come back by taking the same corridor as you imagined.

Accepting what one will discover even if it is not easy is important to move forward on this journey.

Indeed, if you deny everything you see, it will be difficult if not impossible to progress.

By practicing this meditation on a regular basis, you will give the possibility to the true memories to constantly reveal themselves.

However, it is not advisable to practice this mediation every day.

Patience is therefore essential.

Discovering your previous life through hypnosis

Like meditation, hypnotherapy is a convenient way to connect with your previous life.

A hypnotherapist guides you in a situation of relaxation close to the meditative state.

In this way, he will make you aware of the ways that can be used to discover the memories of your previous life.

He can use music and speak in a calm tone to calm your mind and make you feel comfortable.

You will therefore need to clear your mind of intrusive thoughts and in any case, let things happen normally.

It is important to relax all the muscles in the body to relieve stress.

When you relax deeply, the guide will evoke the light that takes hold of your body.

When you are totally ready, the hypnotherapist will open the doors of your memories scattered in your multiple lives while guiding you step by step

You can even access your newborn life and the guide will speak to you as if you were a baby.

Once you have discovered your past life, it guide will help to explore it.

When you wake up, you will have learned all about your past.

The therapist will gently guide you back to your current life.

In conclusion, sometimes it takes time to recover memories.

It is therefore important not to rush or force yourself to remember past lives.

If the remembering exercise is done without the assistance of a guide, it can be particularly trying.

In addition, risks of mental perdition are quite common if you have not channeled the energy well.

To avoid any risk of incident, it is strongly recommended that you use the services of a hypnotherapist or clairvoyance to allow you to discover your past lives and the impacts on your present life.

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