TIPI method: how to eliminate stress?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
Validated by: Cathy Maillot (Osteopath)

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TIPI method: how to eliminate stress?
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The TIPI method, meaning Identification Technique for Unconscious Fears, is a way to free yourself from your anxieties and fears.

It is based on bringing back real-life sensory experiences from stressful situations and helping the patient to free himself from it.

Those real-life sensory experiences can impact the progress of his daily life, if not released.

Through this method, the person remembers all the symptoms he experiences each time he faces an anxious or stressed situation.

By reliving these events through the sensory experience, he will then be able to work on the psychological manifestations better, manage them better and end up making fear no longer have any effect on him.

TIPI method consists of a simple technique but which prove to be effective in the long term.

Find out more about this.

How does the TIPI method actually work?

The TIPI method generally takes place in 4 phases.

To start, you will need to put into words the problem that you came to solve with the therapist.

In other words, what do you want to change?

Why do you need help?

You will have to make a list of all the situations that stress you, generate anxiety and frustrations.

The answers will vary from one individual to another because we don’t all have the same stories.

But the sources of stress, for example, can be fear of flying, fear of getting married, general anxiety about speaking in public, chronic stress in the face of a minor conflict, etc.

It can also be the fear of facing people who put you down, getting involved, or stepping out of your comfort zone.

Having identified your problems and sources of stress, we will now have to describe what they make you feel physically and psychologically.

Concretely, what do you feel in your body and your mind each time you are stressed or afraid?

Do you feel a lump in the throat?

Or does your heart rate start to accelerate?

Are you trembling?

Do you become unable to move?

You will have to immerse yourself in a memory and be able to identify all the symptoms of stress.

This recollection of the manifestations of your stress, eyes closed, takes place in a state of hypnosis.

After three minutes, being aware of how you feel when the stress comes is already a big step.

A liberation occurs at the level of the body, at the source of your emotional problem.

Finally, once your mind is calm, you can return to the stressful or anxious situation that made you consult, and observe that the symptoms diminished.

You will realize that your perception of things will have changed slightly.

What is the point of this method?

The TIPI method is recommended for all people who suffer from stress and who would like to get rid of it.

Indeed, like a repetitive cycle, the onset of stress can quickly become chronic and affect all the elements of your body.

You must act quickly by finding practical solutions capable of countering the effects of stress.

The latter most often occurs through sometimes unfounded worries and anxiety, the intensity of which can vary from one individual to another.

When you get too preoccupied with something or someone, it can affect your body.

Your body will then produce the stress hormone that makes you feel bad about yourself, depressed, sometimes you will start to cry without knowing why or even having headaches.

If stress affects your personal life, it can be dangerous because it can have professional repercussions, and it’s imperative to find a solution as soon as possible.

How to overcome sources of stress by the TIPI method?

What needs to be understood here is that there is a link between negative thinking, stress, and physical well-being.

Therefore, the more you stress, the less you will be happy and motivated.

The TIPI method helps you to focus your attention on these negative thoughts, and to examine how you feel each time you are confronted with them.

The TIPI method is a guided thinking technique that helps you to realize your state of stress and its devastating consequences.

Finally, this method allows you to analyze the behavior you have to apprehend it better, help you find relief almost immediately, and this will change the way you behave in the face of stressful situations next time.

So it’s about observing without having to act immediately.

A method based on the self-regulation of personal emotions

The TIPI method is based on the regulation of one’s own emotions.

It’s not just about being aware of emotional issues and working out solutions to get rid of them.

The difference here is that it allows you to let go completely.

This liberation will make it easier to identify the cause of the discomfort and will induce a change in behavior in the long term.

The TIPI method is based on a study in which we realized that the body is naturally endowed with capacities to regulate stress on its own and transform it into serenity.

By observing what you are feeling at that time, and by relying on the function of autonomous emotional regulation, you can get out of stress quickly.

Since stress is the basis of many ailments, learning to regulate it through this method will help to experience better mental and physical health in general.

To learn how to regulate your emotions, make an appointment with a therapist who will guide you step by step on the road to recovery.

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