Stress in the morning: how to deal with morning anxiety?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
Validated by: Cathy Maillot (Osteopath)

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Stress in the morning: how to deal with morning anxiety?
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Anxiety is the manifestation of psychological instability.

It is a disorder similar to a panic attack and has various causes.

In general, stress and a medical history are the main causes of anxiety.

This seizure can appear in the morning just after you wake up, this is called morning anxiety.

It is a feeling of intense anxiety that makes you regret waking up.

It is accompanied by stress which creates an imbalance in your movements and your emotions.

How to relieve morning anxiety?

We offer solutions in this article.

What causes morning anxiety?

Long before presenting the solutions to be adopted to deal with morning anxiety, it is important to present the causes.

Indeed, this stressful sensation that you feel has several origins.


Many do not know it, but diet is a factor that determines attitudes when waking up.

While it is important to have lunch, it is not just every meal.

Consuming fatty foods in the morning can cause psychological imbalance.

The same is true for the consumption of coffee.

Of course, taking coffee in the morning is recommended, but excessive and regular consumption leads to stress and nervousness.


It is the most common cause of stress upon waking up.

Many people wake up and worry about what will happen in the day first.

However, waking up worried is a factor of psychological disorders.

Over time, the latter develop a panic attack and permanent stress.

Without knowing it, they make their days a nightmare.

Bad sleep

Sleep allows all the organs in the body to rest and rebuild themselves.

This is why you have to sleep in good conditions, but also respect the optimal duration of a sleep.

The opposite easily exposes people to stress.

They are victims of regular nightmares and panic attacks.

When they wake up, they wonder if all days will be the same, this is the beginning of the anxiety.

Waking up to exercise to avoid morning anxiety

Of all the solutions that exist to relieve morning anxiety, exercise is one of the best.

In fact, it is the solution most used by people who suffer from morning anxiety.

It is not about performing strenuous activities, but small exercises to revitalize the organs.

Within minutes of leaving your duvet, you can jog or go down and up the stairs.

Cardio or cycling are also possible exercises.

These activities have major benefits for your physical and mental health.

They not only keep you in shape, but also burn stress hormones.

They relieve anxiety by speeding up the release of relaxation neurotransmitters.

Why not then think of a short meditation?

This is still great if you are a yoga fan.

You will feel light and ready to face the day ahead.

Do your favorite intellectual activity

Intellectual activity is exercise that keeps the brain in balance.

There are several intellectual activities.

Each individual has an activity specific to him and its realization allows him to channel himself.

We distinguish :

  • reading,
  • calculations,
  • painting,
  • the drawing,
  • writing.

These activities and many more help reset emotions, especially when they are anxious.

When you wake up, you can take 10 to 20 minutes to read.

If you love music, then hit your guitar or your piano.

Favor positive thoughts

Negativity is a destructive weapon which once having affected our psyche does not leave great outlets.

If you wake up with the fear of losing your job or your family, now is the time to stop.

It’s true that we don’t have control over all of these things, but we can see them differently.

You won’t have positive thoughts overnight.

However, if you hold on to it without giving up, you will succeed.

It’s a process that takes a lot of time.

For this, we offer:

  • positive affirmations (a list of words reflecting positivity to repeat when you wake up),
  • a positive journal (a list of all happy events for each day),
  • morning notes (a list of positive things to do each start of the day).

It is a real psychological process with interesting consequences.

It sometimes requires the support of your loved ones.

Avoid stressful situations

Here it is a job to do on the eve of each new day.

Stress is the trigger for all anxiety factors.

At work, at home and everywhere, you absolutely must avoid stress.

Exchange and dialogue should be privileged over arguments.

This is valid with your colleagues, your partner and everyone around you.

In addition, you must put fun in all your actions.

Whether it’s your job or in your personal relationships, try to make them more fun.

When you are too serious, it can easily lead to anxiety.

Get out for a walk often, get some fresh air and relax as much as you need to.

Stay away from phones

Today, the phone is the perfect tool for waking up on time every morning.

However, its usefulness does not end there.

It is also an inescapable means of communication thanks to the various applications.

Today we can browse messages, emails, news feeds and social media.

Unfortunately, in addition to spreading harmful waves, they are not always the bearers of good news.

In addition, a large number of messages can quickly lead to stress.

You will no doubt feel oppressed and this is the start of anxiety.

It is imperative that you separate from your phone at night and when you wake up.

Perhaps this is the time to return to ordinary revivals.

In conclusion, morning anxiety is a disorder that has several origins.

Although this is a psychological instability, it can be caused by our habits.

Food is proof of that.

To remedy this, we have offered you various solutions.

Of all the latter, exercise is the most effective way to say goodbye to stress when you wake up.

However, the other solutions are no less important.

A combination of all these tips can be considered.

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