Vitiligo: how to treat yourself naturally?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
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Vitiligo: how to treat yourself naturally?
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Degenerative problem that arises when the cells that have the role of pigmenting the skin die, leukoderma or vitiligo is a skin condition that causes a deficiency in the production of melanin responsible for the color of the skin.

This pathology causes the appearance of spots or areas without pigmentation.

Thus, the hair present in the affected area may also turn white.

This article will give you an update on this disease and how to treat it naturally.

What are the main types of vitiligo?

There are mainly two types of vitiligo namely segmental vitiligo and non-segmental vitiligo.

Segmental vitiligo

Although very rare, this type of achromia occurs following trauma along an innervation of the skin.

Limited and unilateral, it is usually localized on the face as a white patch.

Non-segmental vitiligo

It is a skin condition that can very quickly impact the subject’s quality of life.

This is because it affects visible areas of the body and generally appears symmetrically on the face or hands before spreading in thrusts on the body.

Thus, this form of vitiligo is said to be speckled or punctate.

What are the causes and symptoms of vitiligo?

Before coming to natural treatments, it is important to know the causes as well as the manifestations of the disease.

Causes of vitiligo

Although not well understood, the causes of this complex disease are diverse.

However, very often at the origin of the disappearance of melanocytes, the genetic factor is not left out in the face of this disease.

Indeed, according to studies, a dozen genes can be associated with it.

Moreover, we find about 30% of related cases are related to family history.

In contrast, the appearance of this disease as an emotional trauma can be linked to several risk factors such as severe stress, injury or sunburn.

It should also be noted that in many cases an autoimmune disease could cause the development of vitiligo.

Symptoms of vitiligo

The most obvious symptoms of vitiligo are the appearance of areas of depigmentation on the skin.

Often in areas much more exposed to the sun such as the face, lips, arms, hands and feet.

However, white areas can appear around the armpits, groin and rectum in some cases.

This disease can cause an individual with premature graying of the hair on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes and beard.

Also, for people with dark skin, it can promote discoloration inside the mouth.

What are the tips and natural remedies to cure vitiligo?

Very expensive, medical treatments for vitiligo are ineffective and the results take a long time to appear.

So to treat this disease, we offer you a list of natural remedies.

Evening primrose oil

Available in 500 mg strength, you will find this natural oil in capsule form in organic food stores or natural cosmetics.

But be careful to respect the dosage listed on the box, because it is different depending on the concentration of the oils in the capsules.

Aloe vera

More than recognized in the world, the properties of aloe vera are well established.

For its use, take care to open a stem of aloe vera lengthwise to then extract the gel and apply it to the affected areas every day before bedtime.

Turmeric and mustard oil

To get this natural remedy, all you need to do is mix about 5 teaspoons of ground turmeric with 250 ml of mustard oil.

Then you apply the mixture to the discolored areas twice a day.

Basil and lime

Well known for its effectiveness, basil leaves are recommended because they promote the production of melanin in the skin.

To use it, you can accompany it with lime juice.

You will need to mix a few drops of basil leaf extract with the juice of a lime and apply it to the affected areas.

Water and copper

It is known to have a stimulating effect on melanocytes and thus helps to increase the production of melanin.

Indeed, this remedy recommends consuming spring water stored in a copper utensil.

This conservation must be done overnight.

However, to see results from this practice, you must maintain it for a while.

Radish seeds

For its use, you need to add a few teaspoons of vinegar to the powder of the radish seeds.

The paste thus obtained will be applied to the affected parts.

These seeds promote the regeneration of melanin according to some natural health enthusiasts.

Therefore, for a period of 6 months, take care to apply the paste obtained on the affected areas every day.

Ginkgo Biloba

A good deal of research indicates that this herb can help limit the progression of the disease and especially the re-pigmentation of white spots on the skin.

Indeed, Ginkgo Biloba is quite used by herbalists for various health problems.

Thus, thanks to its natural properties, it has a much more effective effect when taken orally.

Mama Cadela

The benefits of this plant against vitiligo have been recognized for several years now.

Indeed, it is widely used for the treatment of vitiligo spots.

To use it, you have to boil its roots (for about ¼ hour) in water and apply it daily to the spots in order to reduce or even heal the whiteness of the skin.

Some tips and good habits

In order to protect the body, the affected individual should avoid exposure to direct sunlight and wear protective clothing outside.

In addition, he must do what is necessary to reduce his level of stress, because it is often the main reason for many problems.

The use of sunscreens can also be beneficial, as they protect the skin and prevent vitiligo from getting worse.

To conclude, it should be noted that this condition affects around 1% of the world’s population.

Nevertheless, it can be cured with natural remedies or medical treatment.

So stay positive and keep a good mood.

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