Stress and lithotherapy: anti-stress stones?

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Stress and lithotherapy: anti-stress stones?
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In today’s world, people are faced with all types of situations that trigger a series of chemical reactions responsible for stress and anxiety.

It is possible that some people develop chronic stress, which can lead to digestive complications or severe headaches.

Regardless of the type of stress, there are methods and means to reduce the effect of it on the body, for example, exercise or breathing.

In case these methods fail to bring you calm and serenity, there are natural and very effective ways like using anti-stress stones.

Learn more in this article.

All about lithotherapy

Lithotherapy is a pseudoscience that allows treatment through stones or crystals of all kinds.

The promoters of this method claim that these stones emit a resonance or vibration that could dramatically improve human well-being while reducing stress.

To recognize the existence and perceive the effects of the latter, it is important to recognize the existence of invisible energy.

Minerals have an energy with various and multiple peculiarities depending on their characteristics and their crystallizations.

This energy is used in lithotherapy to improve your subtle body and improve your condition.

These stones are of impressive virtue because they not only affect our well-being, but also improve our spiritual conditions.

Lithotherapy: is it effective?

In terms of effectiveness, it varies widely and depends both on the depth of the pain, but also on the sensitivity of the person.

No matter what your beliefs, the stones work quickly for your health.

To accelerate the effect of the stones, it is essential to be open in body and mind in order to receive these positive energies which will have a more than positive effect on your body.

The stones used are generally semi-precious or precious metals in polished stone or left in the natural stage of rough stone.

It is recommended to put these stones in your pocket or in your coat very close to you.

What are the stones that could help you fight stress?

There are a variety of stones or crystals that help heal stress and make you feel good.


Secreted by conifers, amber is not a stone, but rather a fossil resin.

Usually these resins are found on the shore of the Baltic Sea and are considered a gem like other natural stones.

Amber is recognized for several therapeutic benefits and advantages, including relieving stress and anxiety.

The Amethyst

The virtues of this stone are no longer to be demonstrated.

It effectively relieves stress and anxiety and regulates pain of nervous origin.

Some people do not hesitate to use this stone to fight insomnia.

Just place the stone under your pillow.

Its use during meditation sessions allows people exposed to stress to regain balance and freedom.


This stone helps relieve tension and stress as well as anger by promoting purification of our mind.

For people suffering from lack of self-confidence or repeated tantrums, this stone highly recommended.

It promotes patience, peace and self-acceptance.

Blue Chalcedony

This stone is recommended for people who are often introverted and who are subject to trust problems in those around them.

Although this stone fights against stress, it also helps soothe the heart and nervous people.

The Howlite

Howlite fights both nervous tension and emotional stress.

It is a stabilizer that helps establish consistency and stability between different emotions.

In addition to these anti-stress properties, this stone increases self-confidence and allows a good harmony of inner energy.

The Kunzite

Kunzite helps reduce anxiety and stress as well as negative emotions such as fear.

It is a stone full of tenderness that stimulates the heart and the mind.

This also facilitates good meditation for people who suffer from lack of concentration.


If you are looking for peace and serenity, this stone is the perfect solution.

Well known for its anti stressing properties, rhodonite brings inner peace and temperance.

The Lapis-lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a stone used to fight high blood pressure, overcome anxiety and combat stress.

This stone promotes good concentration and brings inner peace in situations of crises or general panic.

The Onyx

Onyx is a stone of protection that allows you to maintain self-control by being more composed.

It neutralizes negative waves and protects the person who wears it against harmful effects.

Nothing better to reduce stress and be more zen.

Onyx will repel stress and keep you in good health.

Moonstone and rose quartz

Moonstone is recognized as the stone of femininity, hope and purity.

This stone is often used as an anti-stress because it blocks negative waves.

Rose quartz is a stone used to heal wounds both physical and emotional.

Endowed with calming and soothing virtues, its contact with the skin helps reduce stress.

It makes breathing easier and strengthens the feeling of love.

Black tourmaline and sodalite

Black tourmaline is the cornerstone of lithotherapy.

Besides its powerful protection, this stone will help you calm your stress.

This stone fights against fears and phobias of all kinds.

In addition to fighting anxiety and stress, sodalite helps restore inner peace.

This stone is sometimes used to comfort people in emotional or physical difficulty.

In summary, stress in an individual is quite normal.

However, it has negative effects when the person puts themselves under constant stress and can no longer control themselves.

It is therefore necessary to have recourse to therapeutic methods and practices to remedy this.

Stones and crystals are very effective and allow to fight effectively against this evil.

If there is any complication, do not hesitate to see a doctor or therapist.

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