Spiritual journey: how to follow your spiritual path?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
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Spiritual journey: how to follow your spiritual path?
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All things that take place in the real world necessarily have their origin in the spiritual world.

Therefore, the past, present and future of every human being depend on the spiritual.

It is therefore important for all to find a spiritual path, to follow it and this, in accordance with its principles and beliefs.

However, this is not an easy thing to do and requires special knowledge of the spiritual world.

How then to follow his spiritual path?

The spiritual path, what is it?

The spiritual path is a state which enables every human being to become aware of his existence, of the essence of his life and of the world around him.

To reach this path, it is necessary to go through meditation.

Through the spiritual path, the inner self of every human will be activated, thus leading him to follow the path that has been really laid out for him by divine forces.

This spiritual path is not so different from the paths that humans follow on earth, for whatever path humans take, they are guided by forces beyond human understanding.

How to discover your spiritual path?

Finding your spiritual path is not an easy thing to do.

However, it is not impossible.

Above all, it will suffice to show curiosity and put in a great deal of effort.

In order to reach your spiritual path, you will also need to question yourself sometimes and above all, ask yourself the right questions about the course of your life and the events affecting it.

To really get to know yourself, you will have to look deep within yourself in particular.

This will allow you to find answers to your questions, to your frustrations.

To achieve this, you can for example practice spiritual exercises such as meditation or simply physical exercises.

This type of exercise is great for concentrating and clearing your surroundings.

However, in order to grow spiritually, one will also need to devote oneself to reading theological books in order to increase one’s degree of spiritual knowledge.

All this will allow Man in particular to learn much more about himself, to know certain hidden truths and as a result he will really know the meaning of his life on earth that is to say, what he was intended.

Unfortunately, nature being what it is, it is impossible for Man to discover everything about the essence of his existence.

However, he could learn the essentials and for this it will be necessary to enlist the help of a spiritual master.

How to follow your spiritual path?

Once you find your spiritual path, following it can be quite tedious.

It is a very long process which requires patience and also some astral knowledge.

This knowledge includes the year, month and day of your birth.

Likewise, it will also be necessary to take into account your family tree in order to be able to trace the course that you will have to follow.

Here are some tips for following the spiritual path you have chosen:

Knowing how to enjoy your landscape

By walking spiritually, you advance in an environment, a given landscape.

This landscape is your life as it is now, your past, your experiences and many more.

As you progress on your path, you will therefore need to take the time to analyze all of this in order to learn from them and leave them aside.

Always keep in mind that this is your path

This spiritual path that you are trying to follow is yours.

Therefore, you should never expect someone to hold your hand and lead you there.

It is up to you to put in the effort.

In addition, you must at all costs avoid following such or such method which will be prescribed to you by a third party.

You are the only craftsman in your life, so it is you who will choose the method that you think is most suitable.

Knowing how to get lost from time to time

Sometimes getting lost, taking the wrong path can make sense.

By taking the wrong paths in your spiritual journey, you get to know yourself better.

This will allow you to discover hidden parts of your being and above all, make this trip less boring.

Knowing how to rest when you need to

This journey can be very difficult and at some point your beliefs, everything that you have believed and trusted up to that point can be shaken.

You will find yourself tested, delivered to fatigue and spiritual stress.

This is why it is important to know how to take breaks at certain times in order to accept certain truths and, above all, adapt to them.

Stages of the spiritual path

There are a number of stages in the journey of the spiritual life:

First step

During this step, you will be led to view the world with a certain emptiness.

It will be the beginning, the starting point on your long spiritual journey.

Second step

During this second phase, it will be necessary that you familiarize yourself with this new image of the world that you now have, this emptiness.

Now is the time to start learning to live with your true nature in mind.

Third step

In the third step, you will get used to living like this, with this emptiness of the world.

It will therefore become your true natural state, whatever the situations that may arise in your life.

Can we follow a spiritual path without accompaniment?

No one can get on a ship for the seas without learning the essentials about marine life.

Therefore, someone will necessarily be needed to guide and accompany you through this process.

However, there are several degrees of support.

In the first place, it will be necessary to refer to the Holy Scriptures.

Once this degree has been passed, you will now be able to turn to the commentators of these scriptures and later to the ascetic fathers.

Then you might consider seeking sometimes the advice of a spiritual father and later asking him to take you under his wing.

As a result, you will become his spiritual son and follow his instructions.

Finding your spiritual path is therefore very important.

Indeed, only through this will we be able to really give real meaning to our existence.

However, to get there, it will be necessary at all costs to show determination and eliminate all stress and all vagueness from our existence.

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