Stress and fear of flying: how to cure your phobia?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
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Stress and fear of flying: how to cure your phobia?
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You have a trip in sight and are afraid of flying.

For the past few days, you have been unable to fall asleep and have looked pale.

You think a lot about the course of the trip and have sweaty hands.

You have difficulty getting words out of your mouth.

When the plane takes off, you are scared to death and tremble during the turbulence.

Upon landing, you become weak and cannot understand how your body works.

These are just a few symptoms related to aviophobia or fear of theft.

So, are you looking for some simple and effective tips to avoid it?

Read this article to make it happen.

Find out about air travel before you set off

If this is your first time thinking about traveling by plane, the best way to avoid stress is to educate yourself enough about this type of travel.

It is therefore an essential step that goes into preparing for the trip and it is useful for airing your ideas.

So, to find useful information on the trip, go on the internet for example and conduct research on each stage of the trip.

You can use the SOAR application, for example, to have all the possible information on the progress of the trip.

It is convenient and can support you before, during and after the trip.

She offers you videos regarding the G force indicator.

It also informs you about turbulence relating to the journey.

Besides all this, it also gives you information related to weather forecast.

Also, if you have a good culture in statistics, don’t hesitate to download the Am I Going Down app.

It is effective in understanding all the data relating to your flight.

Thanks to it, you will know whether or not there will be a crash during the trip.

Finally, if you don’t feel like checking out these apps, read a lot of books on air travel.

These books can be digital or physical.

Ask your loved ones for help to come up with interesting and compelling titles to understand all the intricacies of your flight.

This is important and it takes you out of your phobia.

Think positively

If you are usually afraid of flying, now try to think positively.

Be an optimistic person.

Keep in mind that the worst will not happen.

Although this exercise is difficult, know that you can do it if you change your mind whenever fear attacks you.

Otherwise, think about everything that makes you comfortable in your day-to-day life.

Think about your favorite plans.

Clear your mind of negative ideas and imagine yourself at a party with your best friends.

Stop thinking about the turbulence of the trip or just tell yourself it’s safe.

Prepare your mind for anything and before you get on the plane, remember to say your favorite phrase, especially the one that gives you confidence.

It can be for example: everything will be fine or I am a strong person or I am not afraid of anything.

These are positive phrases that avoid negative thoughts that don’t reassure you and make you uncomfortable.

Finally, as soon as you get into the plane, fasten your seat belt and think positively about your loved ones.

It’s an effective solution that takes the stress out of flying.

Stay hydrated and also keep your headphones on to listen to good music.

Practice sophrology

This solution is effective for making an airplane trip in complete freedom.

Its role is to act on the physical and the mental.

It allows for this effect to overcome fear and stress and to evolve better.

Practiced by therapists, it teaches you breathing and relaxation techniques to help you better manage your phobia of flying.

It is practiced over a period of three months followed by support from the therapist.

To effectively resolve your phobia, do not hesitate to conduct research to find the therapist who is able to better support you.

Ask your colleagues or family to help you find a good address.

Prefer the one who is professional and who has a great reputation seems perfect.

As soon as you get in touch with him, trust him and be as open as possible with him so that he can best help you out of your fear.

Finally, if you don’t feel like using its services, practice your breathing exercises at home yourself.

To do this, take refuge in a quiet place, close your eyes and put your hand on your stomach, then breathe long and deeply.

After that take 5 seconds to breathe in and 5 seconds to breathe out.

When you are going to feel your mind and body at ease, open your eyes.

Try this several times a day before you leave.

This will reassure you and put you in a good mood.

Also, be sure to practice relaxation exercises like walking, running or swimming to free your brain from negative waves.

Practice self hypnosis

A few days before the departure by plane, it is important that your mind is prepared for the trip.

To do this, try using self-hypnosis to clear your mind.

It is useful for instilling positive and encouraging thoughts in your subconscious.

For its realization, lock yourself in your room, far from the gaze and noise of those around you and come inside.

Take a comfortable position and close your eyes to exit your current state.

To be more specific, travel to your subconscious.

Imagine yourself on the plane smiling.

Remember that the trip is going well and that you arrive safely at your destination.

Do this exercise at least twice before the trip.

The duration to be respected can vary between 25 to 30 minutes.

If you find it complicated, practice yoga or mantra.

The first is to keep you mentally and physically healthy.

The second helps you better channel your thoughts and regain calm.

In short, here are some solutions that will help you make your plane trip far from stress and phobia.

In addition to putting them into practice, don’t forget to opt for a healthy and balanced diet to feel better during the flight.

Relaxing also seems good for getting rid of stress.

Using preparatory internships is also effective for traveling in peace.

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