Alpha male: how to become an alpha man?

Written by: Loris Vitry (holistic coach)
Validated by: Cathy Maillot (Osteopath)

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Alpha male: how to become an alpha man?
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The alpha male is the dominant male.

He is the one who is superior to others because of his strength or his charisma.

Do you want to become that kind of man?

Discover in this article all the tips necessary to get there.

Trust yourself

Self-confidence is the key to everything in this world.

Everyone reacts to your presence when you have absolute faith in your abilities and a high opinion of yourself.

Be careful not to confuse trust with arrogance.

If you trust yourself, you show inner strength, reliability, and safety.

However, arrogance is the physical manifestation of your lack of confidence, and you might project an image of an insecure man.

Use humor to your advantage

Humor means that you should be able to smile naturally and sincerely without becoming the room clown.

You should be able to laugh at yourself or make fun of others.

Be careful not to be sarcastic or mean.

It is a pretty good quality that all women look for in a man.

Physical appearance can be compensated for by a good sense of humor, according to one study.

Fill in the room with your presence

Adopt a relatively stable posture with broad gestures.

You must look relaxed even if, in reality, you are not.

You have to be comfortable in your environment.

Be confident.

Do whatever it takes to relax your mind and avoid fiddling with your phone all the time.

You have to stay natural and relaxed.

The more uncomfortable you are, the fewer people trust you.

Send the right signals

The way you move says enough about yourself in the eyes of others.

All of this sends signals about your place in the world.

What you want is to send back the image of a strong and confident man and not of the small and protective one.

For that, you have to train tirelessly.

Enter with pride in a room where there are many people gathered.

If you are not able, visualize in your head a success from your past.

Let yourself be filled with pride.

Then surrender to that feeling while entering the room.

You need to master the art of body language.

There are many tips used by the leaders to which the followers react:

Joined hands are a clear sign of self-confidence.

So join the tips of your fingers, so they are united but keep the palms separated.

You have a powerful self-confidence if your fingers go high, not too much either.

Indeed, if they touch your mouth, it means that you lack self-confidence.

Put your hands behind your back.

Adopting this attitude allows you to show your confidence, your courage, and your strength.

People will see you as fearless and openminded at the same time.

Look people in the eye.

It’s a pretty strong gesture that makes all the difference.

However, if you do not have this habit, it is challenging to do it.

Look at the other person you are talking to.

Then return to the level of his mouth using your eyes.

This technique allows you to stay focused on the person you are talking to while keeping your eyes moving.

Take out your thumbs. Let them stick out, keeping your hands in your pockets.

Doing so gives you confidence and a touch of arrogance.

Stay tuned

When you are a leader, an alpha male, you listen more than you speak.

For people to respond, you need to listen to them carefully and thoroughly.

Many people will confide in and open up more quickly if you listen to them without judging.

They will be better able to tell you things they do not dare to say to others.

All because they have absolute confidence in you, which is most important in an alpha male.

Take care of your appearance

You must succeed in distinguishing yourself from others by improving your clothing style.

Wear shirts with a collar, nice pants and if possible a tie.

Do not wear a T-shirt with the image of a brand or your favorite group.

Your clothes have to promote you, not others.

Your clothes must be impeccably cut and fit well.

They must be adapted to the situation and comfortable.

But remember, the most important is your inner confidence and your body language, and if you send back an image of strength and respect, your beautiful clothes will be just a plus!

Be a leader

To do this, you must take charge of situations and assume it well.

Start as a leader in your immediate environment, such as your workplace.

You have to impose yourself as a leader and help your team always do better.

You have to train yourself to become the one that everyone wants to follow.

Don’t be the one who tries to be a leader; just be the leader.

Be honest

There is the cliché that the male alpha lies and cheats to get everything he wants.

It is only verified for those who are woefully lacking in self-confidence.

If you are in a given situation where you are lying to others to pay attention to you, you are not an alpha male.

You don’t need any artifices to make someone think you deserve their time.

Make sure that you follow an honest course of action to get what you want.

Assume what you are.

It is up to people to accept you as you are or to leave you.

It is not difficult to become a male alpha, and anyone can do it.

You just have to work on yourself and want it sincerely.

These tips and tricks should help you reach your goal and influence the world around you.


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