Lose belly : how to get slim naturally ?

Written by: Loris Vitry (coach and Yoga teacher)
Validated by: Cathy Maillot (Osteopath)

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Lose belly : how to get slim naturally ?
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Gaining weight from the belly is quite common when you are not paying attention to yourself.

You end up with curves that are not welcome.

Race results: you can’t get into your clothes anymore.

Discover in this article all the natural solutions to lose belly and get thinner.

Reducing chronic stress

Stress leads to the production of a stress hormone called cortisol.

It helps store fat around the abdomen while stimulating appetite.

Your blood sugar level increases significantly when your cortisol level is high.

Your metabolism, therefore, slows down.

Fat burning is, therefore, blocked.

Beware stress is not a bad thing in itself, but it is the chronic one that is bad for you.

To reduce it, you need to watch calm or comic movies on TV.

You also need to do yoga and take long, relaxing breaks.

To avoid stress, having sex is essential.

Don’t forget to sleep.

Your cortisol level may decrease while doing meditation exercises.

All of these activities should be done regularly to eliminate stress.

Foods rich in protein

These are foods that provide a satiety effect.

They are highly recommended for weight loss diets.

You can choose from a variety of foods.

Egg white keeps you in shape.

You should eat the egg white without the yolk when you are hungry or before a meal.

It saves you from getting fat.

You can also try the oatmeal.

Taking oatmeal for breakfast helps you lose weight.

They are low in calories and are in line with your nutritional needs.

They are made up of soluble fibers that stay in the stomach for a long time.

Just take a few flakes and put them in water or milk.

Then add honey to sweeten it.

Flax seeds have scientifically recognized slimming properties.

They are rich in fiber, which contributes to their excellent transit.

They offer a great feeling of satiety.

They help our bodies burn fat thanks to their high content of essential omega 3 fatty acids.

You just need to eat one to two spoons of flax seeds a day.

It is also possible to reduce them very finely or to sprinkle these seeds in your dishes.

Losing weight from the stomach involves eating well.

The apple is a fruit that offers a feeling of satiety, and it is rich in pectins.

Pectins are fibers that form a kind of gel in the stomach.

The apple contributes to the metabolism of fats in your body.

When you are hungry, you just need to eat an apple to feel well-fed quickly.

Papaya is a fruit that has slimming properties.

The slimming properties come from the enzymes it contains papains.

Papains are similar to those produced by the stomach so that the digestion of food goes well.

The flesh of the papaya also has draining properties.

It is for this reason that this food is recommended in weight loss programs.

You should eat it for breakfast or afternoon tea.

Make sure to collect the small black seeds found in the papaya.

They will be used to make infusions.

These are used to stimulate the gallbladders and the liver.

Spinach leaves are rich in thylakoids.

They help decrease your craving for sugar and fatty foods by 94%.

They, therefore, allow you to lose belly more quickly.

You should take a spinach smoothie very early in the day.

Add a glass of water with good fats such as avocado to fill the hunger.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is an ancient Eastern tradition that helps you lose belly.

It is to be swallowed hot or cold.

It provides energy while calming your appetite.

You must peel a piece of ginger for this, cut it into thin strips, and pour hot water onto it in a teapot.

Let sit for a few minutes to bring out the “spicy” side of ginger.

This infusion works best if you let it infuse for long enough.

Filter it so that the herbal tea does not taste too strong.

You should finally drink the mixture throughout the day.


Losing stomach size naturally also requires daily exercises, which are subject to fairly strict rules.

These exercises must use stomach muscles to lose weight.

The frog jump or burpee exercise

First, lower yourself with both feet together, leaving your hands on the ground.

Then put yourself in the pump position and make one.

Stand up on your legs in the frog position.

Spread your feet while keeping your arms high.

Jump as high as possible.

Repeat the exercise several times while stiffening your belly.

It helps eliminate belly fat.

The climber’s exercise

This exercise consists of mimicking the action of climbing, but while on the ground.

You have to put yourself on as if you want to do push-ups.

Extend your arms to the floor while leaving your chest straight.

Lean on your feet while stiffening your belly and buttocks.

Bring one of your knees below your chest.

Then move your two feet simultaneously one after the other.

It is possible to do this movement both at home and in a gym.

Your abdominal muscles are put to the test, and it’s beneficial to get lean.

The V exercise

To perform this exercise, you must sit on the floor comfortably.

Then gently lift your feet.

At the same time, lower your chest from behind.

When you form the letter V, you immobilize yourself while stiffening your belly.

The muscles of his cross are thus worked and contribute to that you have a flat stomach.

You can repeat this exercise several times each day.

These different exercises will allow you to occupy yourself as physically to burn fat as mentally to avoid stress.

In this way, you can effectively lose belly.


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